DEMKIW X The Evolution by Jacqui Demkiw

DEMKIW X The Evolution by Jacqui Demkiw

​{​Noun | prounounced: ​dem-que. Of Ukrainian heritage }​ A powerful first collection from Designer | Creative Director Jacqui Demkiw dedicated to women over 30s, into their 40s, 50s and 60s​ ​​ - Demkiw herself has evolved and life's experiences have grown and shaped a sophisticated designer who is dedicated to empowering women through her designs and style aesthetic. A beautiful blend of softness and structure – strong silhouettes with timeless, classic appeal.Her French inspired style also touches on her folkloric Ukrainian heritage with beautiful embroideries. Demkiw’s ethos is all about transforming a woman’s confidence ​through redefining her style and clothing choice. ​Empowering woman's confidence through her style and clothing choices. "It's all about...

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